Portland Marble Works Countertop Installation

A countertop is the focal point of your kitchen and is the place where activities such as cooking, cleaning and even socializing take place. It is the center of one of the busiest and most functional rooms in the modern home. No matter what style or material countertop you’re looking for, Portland Marble Works can help you with everything from design to purchasing to installation, and at a price you can afford! We offer counter tops in a wide-variety of styles and textures, including:

Granite, Engineered Quartz, and/or Porcelain material out perform all other materials in overall service and durability. The diamond like hardness of these materials resist heat, scratches and stains. These materials utilized as countertop surfaces provide the most attractive and durable surfaces available and will last virtually forever plus they do not harbor bacteria and resealing only needs to be reapplied to Granite when water stops beading on the counter surface. The Engineered Quartz has no porosity thus does not require the sealing application.

Portland Marble Works manufactures custom stone work with a large percentage of the natural materials such as Granite, Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Slate and Soapstone slabs that are imported from Brazil, Italy, India and China. A smaller percentage of slabs are from France, Spain, Russia, Norway, Zimbabwe, Canada and Mexico.

We also carry several product lines of ENGINEERED QUARTZ slabs -these colors can be seen in our showroom or online. Engineered Quartz was developed by Breton S.P.A., the Italian company that developed the quartz processing technology and has sold the rights and processing equipment to numerous engineered quartz companies. For example:

  • CAESARSTONE QUARTZ is manufactured in Israel
  • CORIAN QUARTZ is manufactured by Dupont quartz in Canada and imports some color palettes from Italy
  • COSMOS QUARTZ is manufactured in China for Cosmos Granite & Marble
  • HANSTONE QUARTZ is manufactured by HANWHA in Canada
  • ONE QUARTZ is manufactured in India and China for Dal Tile
  • PENTAL QUARTZ is manufactured in Vietnam
  • RADIANZ QUARTZ is manufactured by SAMSUNG in South Korea
  • SEQUEL QUARTZ is manufactured in India for Oregon Tile & Marble
  • SILESTONE QUARTZ and ECO are manufactured by Cosentino in Spain
  • VIATERA QUARTZ is manufactured in the USA by LG Haus and imports some color palettes from Italy

Portland Marble also manufactures several product lines of various LEED recycled slab products -these colors can be seen in our showroom or online. These lines lude ECO, ICE STONE, VETRAZZO and others. Specializing in countertop design, installation and repair, we are dedicated to providing our customers in Portland with the highest standard of service. Call today for a free estimate and consultation!

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