Getting an Estimate from Portland Marble Works

There are several ways to receive an estimate.

1. Email a drawing of your layout including dimensions, location & type of cutouts, finished edges, and any other important information about your project
2. Bring the drawing with you during a visit to our shop.
3. We can come to you to look at your space. When we visit, we can take measurements, listen to your vision, make suggestions, and share more about our company and our work.

Based on the information that you have provided or that we have collected, an estimate will be sent to you, via e-mail, within a few days.

Please call (503) 235-9240 us if you would like to schedule a visit to our shop.

What affects your final cost?

1. Stone selection & square footage
2. Linear feet of finished edge
3. Edge profile
4. Number & type of cutouts
5. Slab size & amount of waste
6. Back splash
7. Additional services such as plumbing reconnect, or removal of old tops
8. Sinks, faucets, corbels, or other materials purchased
9. Choice of sealer. We now offer the option of having your surface sealed with a lifetime sealer instead of our standard high quality impregnating sealer.

From left to right Flat Polish, Full Bullnose, 3/8” Top Radius, 3/8″ Top Bevel



1/8″ Radius


Full Bullnose


3/8″ Radius


3/8″ Bevel