Granite Countertop Installation

Granite is one very best and most beautiful in countertops surfaces available on the market today. Natural Beauty Natural stone is dynamic and extremely beautiful. It is the first choice for homeowners wanting to create aesthetically pleasing look using natural materials.

* Unique and Varied Natural stone has been created by nature and you can create a unique distinctive kitchen.
* Highly Durable granite can be used for projects that require strength and durability such as granite countertops for your kitchen.
*Variety of Color Natural stone offers many natural colors to choose from according to taste. Some are bold and aggressive and others are passive and quieter.
*Design Options: Every piece of granite has its own character and color. A unique creation can be brought together with granite products and then the color and design of the entire room.
* Affordable: while natural stone may cost more than some man-made material, the wide range of product means there is a stone available to fit most budgets. In the long term, stone products positively affect buyer appeal and overall investment value.

We import granite slabs from all over the world, and we only work with the best quality granite. We are experts at installing granite countertops, and we constantly strive to deliver top-notch service and expertise that is simply unsurpassed in granite countertop installation.

From the initial customer consultation and project planning to the fabrication of your granite countertops and follow-up on your countertop installation, we consistently meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. We listen to our customers’ wants and needs then, based on that information, we put together a plan to meet the clients desires and budget.

Our team of installation professionals has a wide variety of experience in granite countertop installation, and we offer only the best in craftsmanship, delivery, installation and customer service. From selection, estimation, customization, delivery and installation, we only offer the best in service and expertise.

When designing your kitchen and you need stylish stone slabs, call Portland Marble Works to assist you with you planning and to get your free quote. 503-235-9240