Neptune Bordeaux Granite 3cm Lot 3348 (1)This beautiful slab of Brazilain Neptune Bordeaux Granite slab was mined from a quarry in Brazil. This particular granite is prized for its dramatic veins, durability, and uniqueness.    The veining creates interesting patterns–this granite can range from very peach, to chocolate, to deep burgundy depending on the block that is quarried from the mountain.   The darker veins that run through the slab nicely blend with the cabinets and the cream tones are a good contrast plus that adds visual interest.    This material is very durable and can be used for any countertop application, fireplace surrounds and hearths and whatever your imagination can dream up.

Portland Marble incredibly talented team transformed this slab of Brazilain Neptune Bordeaux Granite into this exquisite Island Granite Countertop.

Hand fabricating, transporting and installing this size of Island had many challenges as the weight of this piece was approximately 600 pounds.  The team used carts, pneumatic lift cranes and sheer manpower to anchor this piece onto the clients cabinets.


The perimeter countertops were also custom fabricated by Portland Marble team.   The material pictured is Dreamy Marfil Engineered Quartz by Caesarstone.   This material has nice wispy veins similar to a light marble – but has the durability of granite . 

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