The Process

1. Material Selection

There are many natural stone distributors in Portland with beautifully staged areas where full slabs can be viewed. We will provide you with a list of preferred slab suppliers where you can see many species of stone and specifically select the material to be utilized for your project. 


2. Site Visit – Field Measurement

When your project is ready, an experienced field technician will visit your job site, review the specific details of your project and collect dimensions for production. During this site visit, PMW will review and verify that all details have been determined, such as seam placement, sink location and cooktop layouts. Any questions may be addressed during this visit. (Additional site visits may be required for projects involving full-height backsplashes.)

3. The Slab Layout

After field dimensions are collected and slabs are delivered, the slab layout is completed prior to the project being released to production. For natural stone, we welcome our customers’ participation in their slab layout to direct our team in capturing the preferred character or color for focal area countertops.


4. The Slab Is Processed

After all project information is documented, our production team will review the layout details and fabricate the slab material to your project’s specifications in our shop.

Saw Cutting Slab
Project pieces and all fixture cutouts will be created on our proprietary stone industry gantry saw and water jet.
Our team utilizes a multi-step process with profiling edger equipment that utilizes diamond grinding and polishing and hand-held polishing tooling to ensure the finished product is smooth and consistent.
For natural stone materials, we will apply a high-quality, industry-specific impregnator to seal the pores of natural stone to protect from staining.

5. Project Installation

First, we will place and secure all countertops. Next, we will finish any seams, secure the sink to the stone, and install any splashes. The installation team will then do a final cleanup and inspection before leaving.