Busted up toilets and crushed glass for a counter top?

Eco Polar Countertop Offered by Infinity Countertops

Eco Polar Countertop Offered by Portland Marble — Made from Recycled MaterPoials

Does buying a post-consumer product really make a difference? Let’s see; i treduces landfills, saves energy, re-uses discarded materials, reduces water in manufacturing, reduces emission throughout manufacturing and when it’s time to replace that old counter top, it can be re-used again.

Have we gone to far? Don’t think so. These companies all produce engineered counter top slabs from recycled materials such as mirror, glass, earthenware, vitrified ash and yes porcelain from toilets.

These companies all produce environmentally-friendly engineered stone that’s aesthetically desirable containing the highest level of post-consumer recycled materials. Post-consumer waste products are headed for landfills, crushed into aggregates and combined with a proprietary bio resin binder. Tons of glass and concrete are put in landfills on a regular basis so buying recycled products reduces the waste in landfills. Our industry is embracing sustainability, design and quality making these engineered products a Smart Choice.

Eco Terra Countertop Offered by Infinity Countertops

Eco Terra Countertop Offered by Portland Marble — Made from Recycled Materials

These materials are heat and scratch resistant much the same as granite and are being used for bars, partition walls, office desks, kitchen tables, restaurant tables and service counters, kitchen fronts, big format flooring tiles, in-floor radiant heating, bathrooms, furniture, shower trays, shower cabins, mosaics, covered columns and stairs.

Portland Marble endorses using engineered post-consumer products. The consistency of colors, ability to maximize the yield from each slab and it’s environment benefits create a win, win, win for all. Call Portland Marble Works to help you select the best material for your project (503) 235-9240.