Creme Bordeaux 3cm Lot 5693

Creama Bordeaux Granite is a natural stone and it’s stunning beauty will warm your heart even on the coldest of days. Thousands of cubic meters are quarried out of the Brazilian mountains, it is famous for its amazing colors and is often remarked to resemble the planet Jupiter with its swirling pink and cream patterns. Crema Bordeaux has an exceptionally high mineral content which produces a higher level of variation than most granites – which creates a complex dramatic flair with busy colors. The feeling of warmth comes from its amazing red / pink / burnt orange / burgundy tones. 

There is no standard predominant color for Crema Bordeaux – despite the name! The prominent creamy almost light brown tones – combined with pink and red areas range in color from soft and light pink to almost golden orange – to almost dark and rusty burgundy. Some slabs can be light – whereas other slabs can have such a high mineral content that they are almost completely covered in dark earthy rusty red or burgundy tones. Two slabs of Crema Bordeaux placed side by side, one with high amounts of the greyish blue mineral, one with low – and you would almost certainly say they were different types of granite. However – it makes this stone so great – the slab that you end up purchasing will be unique 

Due to this color variation – if you choose Crema Bordeaux for your project –it is important to inspect the actual slabs before delivery to your fabricator Portland Marble. We also recommend that you participate in the slab layout with Portland Marble technician after he templates your project for production dimensions. Creama Bordeaux granite is best used as a durable beautiful countertop. Portland Marble recommends pairing with understated monochromatic light or dark cabinets and floors. This stone is slightly less durable than average and while it is still super strong (it is granite after all), it will require a little bit more care during fabrication, as the veins may separate. These slabs are occasionally supported with a mesh fiberglass backing – however, after installation, the mesh will not be visible. 

crema bordeaux slab layout

This client chose oak cabinets to pair with this block of Creama Bordeaux. The result is not overstated and has a beautiful warm and welcoming feel. You will find online that reviews of Crema Bordeaux granite are nearly always positive.

creme bordeaux 3cm granite kitchen with Oak Photo Credit: Dan Strunk

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