When it comes to creating your dream kitchen with stunning granite or quartz countertops, knowledge and good communication is key to everyone involved. The more educated and the more detailed planning you do – the happier you will be with your completed project.  You will need to select stone, make decisions regarding specific project details and hire a fabricator.   Ask about your granite slabs integrity, layout of seams, edging details, sinks, the process when the technician visit your home to collect production dimensions, the cutting and production process, the site preparation process and the installation process.

There are small “one man” fabrication shops, there are shops with crews that do hand work without a lot of automation, there are shops with all kinds of cutting edge technology using digitized design, CNC cutting, and edge profiling equipment and every kind of shop in between.

Our team was created in 1985 and we take pride in providing the highest quality slab stone craftsmanship delivered on schedule with exceptional service.  We work with exquisite natural stone and engineered quartz countertops, to create with elegance and durability for residential and light commercial projects.  We know what we do well and we take pride in producing quality custom projects. We also work diligently to be on time for our clients and provide exceptional service.   We are competitively priced and include our customers in the custom stone countertop production process as much as you would like to participate.  Portland Marble works closely with their clients through out the entire design process and can make suggestions to save you time and money., from the design build phase to stone selection and installation,.  If desired – we can also assist our customers in securing plumbing fixtures at wholesale and provide project preparation work.  Over the years we have many loyal interior designers, builders and homeowners that use our services exclusively.  We are happy to provide references.

Portland Marble offers the option of doing your slab layup in person after the site visit production templates are created.  The obvious advantage is that you are able to see your project on your slab and you will be able to point out features you would like to include or avoid.   Granites with lots of veining movement have obvious grain direction but even stones that look very consistent have directional components.  It’s a bit complicated but as crystals form in granite they take on a directional structure.  This has something to do with the earth’s gravitational field at the time the magma solidified.  So what this means is, when you lay a slab down and look at it from one direction the shade of color will vary (a little or a lot) from another direction. This way everybody is on the same page and knows what to expect.