Etched Marble Example

Yikes! When rings like this can develop on marble, should I use marble?

Marble–like that pictured here–is gorgeous! But you should know some information before you select a sedimentary natural stone.

It is important when selecting natural stone to evaluate how you will use your countertop. Those considering sedimentary stones such as marble, limestone, and travertine for their kitchen countertops should know they are soft materials and damage can occur such as scratches and water spotting from minerals. They also can etch as shown in this picture –which is a chemical reaction caused by an acidic substance such as lemon juice making contact with the surface of the stone and not being wiped up immediately.

If you just have to use these exquisite beautiful stones like this marble and you want your countertops to continue looking new, it is wise to use this material in low use areas and treat your countertops like fine furniture. Refinishing is always an option if damage does occur, but you need to know that it is an expensive labor intensive process to repair and restore the stone’s luster.

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