Granite Countertop Installation

Granite is one very best and most beautiful in countertops surfaces available on the market today. Natural Beauty Natural stone is dynamic and extremely beautiful. It is the first choice for homeowners wanting to create aesthetically pleasing look using natural materials.

Marble Countertop Installation

Are you looking for a way to enhance the appearance of your property while simultaneously increasing its value? Marble countertops could be the answer. Infinity Countertops is a general contractor with the tools and skills needed to install marble countertops for Portland home and business owners. Whether you’re looking to add marble countertops to a bathroom, kitchen, or built-in bar, we’re the team to trust.

Engineered Quartz Installation

Engineered Quartz contains pure, natural quartz, a stone right from the earth. Quartz is one of the hardest and most common minerals on earth, giving Engineered Quartz the rare combination of superior beauty and strength and provides an exceptionally beautiful countertop for your kitchen and or a variety of other uses in your home.. Engineered Quartz is nonporous and will not absorb food and liquids like natural stone and best of all, it is maintenance-free. Engineered Quartz was developed and patented by Breton. They sold the rights and equipment to various manufacturers – each create this incredibly beautiful material in their own color palettes.

Dekton Procelain Installation

Table of Granite Colors and Names

Granite Cross Reference
Many times granite colors are known by several names.  This cross reference chart can be used to identify the color you are looking for and any name variations that may be tied to that color.  All listings are in alphabetical order, or you may also search by pressing “Ctrl + F” on your keyboard and entering the color name you are searching for (desktop search only).




Also Known As

Also Known As

Also Known As

Also Known As


Agave Green Tasmanian Green
Amarello Capri Giallo Antico Golden Antico Yellow Capri Himalayan Gold Brazil
Juparana Gold Light Giallo Ornamental
Amazon Blue Blue Carmel Amazon Star Azul Camel Oriental Brown Brazil
Amazon Canopy Canopy Brazil
Amazon Gold Juperana Persia Old Gold Golden Beach Giallo Beach Brazil
Amazon Sage River Bed Green Brazil
Amazon Star Blue Carmel Amazon Blue Azul Carmel Oriental Blue Brazil
Amber Fantasy Lady’s Dream Oriental Dream Oriental Fantasy India
Amber Gold Taupe Brazil
Amethista New Amadeus Brazil
Angola Black Carbonia Black Preto Angola Nero Angola Africa
Angola Gold Laborador Gold Fleck Platinum Black Africa
Antique Pearl Brown Antique Marron Cahiba Africa
Aphrodite Ocean Pearl Africa
Apple Spice Juperana Delicato Brazil
Atlantis River Gold
Aquarius Blue Marinaci Blue Palladio Blue Gaugin Brazil
Aquazul Silver Sea Green Saudi Arabia
Arctic Cream  Mystic Winter
Arctic Gold Golden Arctic Brazil
Azul Aran Azul Imperial Spain
Azul Del Mar Caribbean Blue
Baltic Brown Baltic Rain (Home Depot) Finland
Baltic Green Verde Magic Magic Green Finland
Bianco Antico Ecuador White Mozambique White White Aran/Star White Diamond Brazil
Bianco Kinawa Waves White Piracema Brazil
Bianco Romano White Roman Brazil
Bianco Sardo Luna Pearl White Sardo Italy
Black Absolute Indian Jet Black Dense Black Luna Nero (Home Depot) India
Black Andes Brazilian Black San Gabriel Black Black San Marcos Brazil
Black & Gold Portoro Italy
Black Galaxy Bronzino Star Galaxy Midnight Magic (Home Depot) India
Black Gold New Cambrian Black Brazil
Black Impala Negro Africa Shadow Grey (Home Depot) Dark Grey Africa
Black lotus Lotus gold Astrus Brazil
Blue Bahia Azul Bahia Nile Blue (Home Depot) Brazil
Blue Barracuda Blue Tapestry Blue Brasile Brazil
Blue Carmel Azul Carmel Amazon Star Amazon Blue Oriental Blue Brazil
Blue Eyes Reflect Blue Canada
Blue Impala Africa
Blue Luise Ocean Sunset Van Gogh Azul Portifino
Blue Marinaci Aquarius Blue Palladio Brazil
Blue Night Angola Blue Blue Starlight (Home Depot) Angola
Blue Pearl BC Blue Opal (Home Depot) Norway
Blue Pearl GT Ala De Miscast Labrador Blue Pearl Norway
Blue Pearl Royal Royal Blue Norway
Blue Polare Volga Blue Rasputin Volhinia Ukraine
Blue Tapestry Blue Barracuda Brazil
Blue Wave Ocean Fantasy Brazil
Bordeaux Brazil
Brazilian Black Black Andes San Gabriel Black Brazil
Brazilian Gold California Sunshine Giallo California Brazil
Brazilian Mahogany Royal Mahogany Brazil
Bronzino Black Galaxy India
Brown Antique Marron Cahiba Antique Pearl Spectrolite Africa
Brown Castor Marron Castor Bruin Brown Brazil
Brown Eyes Brown Specrolite
Brown Pearl Midnight Brown Brazil
Brown Santa Fe Santa Fe Brown Argentina
Brown Shada Mahogany Blue Eyes Labrador Antique Norway
Brown Specrolite Brown Eyes
Café Amazon Brazil
Café Bahia Coffee Brown Brazil
Café Imperial Imperial Coffee New Imperial Brown Brazil
Calypso Green Green Marinaci Verde Marinaci Green Palladio Brazil
Canopy Amazon Canopy Brazil
Carbonia Black Angola Black Africa
Cascada Waterfalls Green
Chiffon Ivory Chiffon Ivory Pink Raw Silk Ivory Silk India
Chocolate Beach Sucuri Brazil
California Sunshine Giallo California Brazilian Gold Brazil
Coffee Brown Café Bahia India
Colonial Crème Shivakashi Ivory Brown India
Colonial Gold River Gold Millennium Cream
Copper Brown Copper Antique (Home Depot)
Copper Canyon Persian Brown Brazil
Copper Silk Mari Gold Desert Brown Autumn Harmony Merry Gold/Mari Gold
Costa Esmeralda Iran
Cranbury Brown Tan Brown India
Crema Bahia St Vincent Blue Brazil
Crema Bordeaux Pompei
Crema Ivory Santa Cecilia Light White San Francisco Samoa Light Brazil
Crema Mara Juperana Tijuca Juperana Sunset Juperana Crema Mara Brazil
Crema Marfil Crème De Ivories Crema Morvil Crema Marfilsa Spain
Crema Persa Periero Brazil
Crimson Crème Lapidus Brazil
Dakota Mahogany American Mahogany Sunset Brown Velvet Carnelian USA
Dark Venetian Brazil
Desert Brown Mari Gold Copper Silk
Desert Multicolor Rosewood
Desert Rose Lady’s Dream
Desert Sand India
Dunes Purple Dunes Brazil
Ecuador White Mozambique White Bianco Antico White Aran/Star White Diamond Brazil
Emerald Green Green Louise India
Emerald Pearl Norway
Emperador Dark Emperador Scuro Ramona Ramona Braun Emperador Mocha Spain
Emperador Light Montecristo Emperador Claro Emperatriz Spain
Fantasy Gold Madura Gold Light Madrus Gold Shiva Crème India
Forest Brown Rainforest Brown Root Brown India
Forest Green Rainforest Green Root Green India
Ghibli Sahara Beige Toasted Almond Monde Yellow Ivory Silk India
Giallo Antico Amarello Capri Golden Antico/Juparana Royale Yellow Capri Himalayan Gold Brazil
Giallo Bahia Giallo Antico
Giallo California California Sunshine Brazil
Giallo Dorado Giallo Vicenza Bahama Beige Brazil
Giallo Fiorito Casino Royale (Home Depot) Brazil
Giallo Florence Brazil
Giallo Mirador Juparana Oregon Brazil
Giallo Napoleone Napolitano Brazil
Giallo Ornamental Juparana Gold Light  Amarello Ornamental Brazil
Giallo Santa Clara Santa Clara Brazil
Giallo  Vicenza Amarelo Vicenza
Giallo Veneziano Venetian Gold Cinnamon Sand (Home Depot) Brazil
Gold Beige Golden Carioca Brazil
Golden Arctic Arctic Gold Brazil
Golden Beach Giallo Beach Juparana Persia Old Gold Brazil
Golden Corioca Gold Beige Dourado Carioca Brazil
Golden Desert Yellow Reef Saffron gold
Golden Dragon Juparana Colombo Gold Indian Gold Yellow Fantasy India
Golden Fantasy Lava Falls Brazil
Golden Fuji Picasso Gold Fortune
Golden Green Pine Green Seaweed Green India
Golden Leaf Saudi Arabia
Golden Moon Mascarelo Brazil
Golden Oak Madura Gold Dark Sahara Gold Mocha Vyara India
Golden Sun Juparana Alegra Brazil
Golden Wave Juparana Wave Brazil
Gran Violet Tropical Violet Tropical Vuvu Brazil
Green Marinachi Verde Amazonia/Verde Salvador Calypso green Green Palladio Vesuvio/Opala Green Brazil
Green Paladio Green Marinachi Verde Mariachi Calypso Green Brazil
Green Star Blue Star Brazil
Green Ventura Santa Yenez Verde Tango Verde Florence
Gris Carmel
Guatemala Green Guatemala
Hawaiian Gold Verde Jewel Imperial Green Gem Verde Esmeralda Verde Reale India
Himalayan Green Golden Antico Amarello Capri Yellow Capri Giallo Antico Brazil
Imperial Brown Brazil
Imperial Green Verde Jewel Imperial Green Gem Verde Esmeralda Verde Reale India
Imperial Red Gothic Red Ruby Red India
Imperial Rosa Brazil
Imperial White India
Indian Gold Juparana Colombo Gold Golden Dragon Yellow Fantasy India
Ivory Brown Shivakashi Colonial Crème India
Ivory Gold Alabaster Voile (Home Depot)
Ivory Silk Ivory Chiffon Chiffon Raw Silk Ivory Pink India
Juparana Arandis Juparana Golden Wave Africa
Juparana Bahia Gold Multicolor Dorado Juparana Champagne Brazil
Juparana Boreal Brazil
Juparana Classic Juparana Brazil
Juparana Colombo India
Juparana Colombo Gold Indian Gold Golden Dragon Yellow Fantasy Aztec Wave (Home Depot) India
Juparana Crema Mara Juparana Tijuca Crema Mara Juparana Sunset Brazil
Juparana Dakar Yellow Dakar Brazil
Juparana Delicato Apple Spice Brazil
Juparana Eloisa Juparana Itaoca Brazil
Juparana Fantastico Brazil
Juparana Florencia Brazil
Juparana Florencia Bordeaux Siena Rouge (Home Depot)
Juparana Gold Santa Barbara Brazil
Juparana Gold Light Giallo Ornamental Amarello
Juparana Golden Wave Juperana Arandis Africa
Juparana India Classic Pink Coral India
Juparana India Light India
Juparana Itaoca Juparana Eloisa Brazil
Juparana Juparana Classic Brazil
Juparana Mambo Brazil
Juparana Mirador Brazil
Juparana Multicolor Multicolor Red India
Juparana Oregon Giallo Mirador Brazil
Juparana Persia Old Gold Golden Beach Giallo Beach Brazil
Juparana Rio Brazil
Juparana Sunset Crema Mara Juparana Tijuca Juparana Crema Mara Brazil
Juparana Tijuca Crema Mara Juparana Crema Mara Juparana Sunset Soleil (Home Depot) Brazil
Juparana Wave Juparana Sol Roman Gold
Juparana White Brazil
Juperana Beach Sucuri Brazil
Juperana Brasilis Terra Brasilis Brazil
Kashmire Gold India
Kashmire White White Kashmire India
Key West Gold Safari Sunset (Home Depot)
Kinawa Classic Brazil
Kozmus Asterix
Laborador Antico Mahogany Blue Eyes Brown Shada Norway
Laborador Gold Fleck Angola Gold Africa
Lactus White Roman
Lady’s Dream Amber Fantasy Oriental Dream Rosewood Desert Rose India
Lapidus Crimson Crème Maluti (Home Depot) Brazil
Light Veneziano New Venetian Gold Vecchio Oro Brazil
Lotus Silver Matrix Motion Brazil
Lotus Gold Black Lotus Brazil
Luna Pearl White Sardo Bianco Sardo Grigio Sardo Blanc Noir (Home Depot) Italy
Madras Gold Madura Gold Light Fantasy Gold India
Madura Gold Dark Golden Oak Dark Mocha Vyara Sahara Gold India
Madura Gold Light Fantasy Gold Madras Gold Shiva Cream India
Magma Iron Red Brazil
Mahogany Blue Eyes Laborador Antico Brown Shada Norway
Manassas Humaita Yellow
Mari Gold Copper Silk Desert Brown Autumn Harvest India
Marron Cahiba Brown Antique Antique Pearl Africa
Marron Castor Brown Castor Bruin Brown Brazil
Mascarelo Golden Moon Auburn Blaze
Massada Gold Israel
Matrix Motion Lotus Silver Black Cosmic Brazil
Michelangelo New St Laurant Black & Gold Pakistan Sumantra Pakistan
Midnight Brown Brown Pearl Brazil
Midnight Green Verde Twilight Twilight Green Brazil
Millennium Gold Jerusalem Gold Israel
Millennium White Jerusalem Bone Israel
Mocha Vyara Madura Gold Dark Golden Oak Dark Sahara Gold India
Mozambique White Ecuador White Bianco Antico White Aran/Star White Diamond Brazil
Multicolor Dorado Juparana Champagne Juparana Bahia Gold Brazil
Multicolor Slate Ardosia Multicolor Brazil
Multicolor Red Juparana Multicolor India
Multicolor Rosato Brazil
Najaran Brown Tropic Brown Saudi Arabia
Najaran Red Violetta Saudi Arabia
Napolitano Giallo Napoleone Brazil
Negro Africa Black Impala Africa
New Amadeus Amethista Brazil
New Caledonia Brazil
New Cambrian Black Black Gold Brazil
New Imperial Brown Café Imperial Brazil
New Juparana White Juparana White India
New St Laurant Black & Gold Pakistan Michelangelo Sumantra Pakistan
New Venetian Gold Light Veneziano Brazil
New Vyara Gold India
Noce Travertine- Polished Roma Noce Travertine Scuro Mahogany Italy
Ocean Fantasy Blue Wave Brazil
Ocean Flower Green Mariachi Verde Mariachi Calypso Green Green Palladio Brazil
Ocean Pearl Aphrodite Verde Labrodite Africa
Ocean Sunset Van Gogh Blue Luise Azul Portifino ?
Old Gold Juparana Persia Golden Beach Giallo Beach Brazil
Oriental Brown Blue Carmel Azul Carmel Amazon Blue Amazon Star Brazil
Oriental Dream Lady’s Dream Amber Fantasy Oriental Fantasy India
Oriental Fantasy Lady’s Dream Amber Fantasy Oriental Dream India
Oro Romano Roman Gold Brazil
Palladio Red Mariachi Brazil
Paradiso Classic Bahama Blue India
Peacock Green Verde Butterfly “m” Green & Gold Verde Peacock Brazil
Periero Crema Persa
Peval Blue Brazil
Picasso Gold Golden Fuji
Pine Green Seaweed Green Golden Green India
Polar Blue Volga Blue
Portofino Santa Rita Santa Cecilia Dark Brazil
Poseidon Spectrus Golden Spartacus Komodo Dragon
Purple Amazon Tropical Amazon Brazil
Purple Dunes Dunes
Raw Silk Ivory Pink Ivory Chiffon Chiffon Ivory silk India
Red Dragon Sunset Red
Red Fire Harlequim Verde Fuoco
Red Mariachi Palladio Donatello Brazil
Red Maritaca Tropical Mantiquiera Brazil
River Bed Green Amazon Sage
River Gold Atlantis
Rojo Alicante Spain
Roman Gold Oro Romano Juperana Wave Brazil
Root Brown Forest brown Rainforest Brown
Root Green Forest green Rainforest Green
Rosa Aurora Estremos Portugal
Rosa Beta Pearl flower Mohave Cream (Home Depot) Italy
Rosa Demonte Portugal
Rose Dore Italy
Rosewood Vyara Desert Multicolor
Rosso Damasco Italy
Rosso Levanto Turkish
Rosso Verona Verona Red Italy
Royal Blue Blue Pearl Royal Norway
Royal Mahogany Brazilian Mahogany Brazil
Sahara Beige Ghibli Toasted Almond India
Sahara Gold Madura Gold Dark Golden Oak Mocha Vyara India
Samoa Light White San Francisco Crema Ivory Santa Cecilia Light Brazil
San Gabriel Black Brazilian Black Black Andes Brazil
Santa Cecilia Giallo Santa Cecilia Gold of Troy (Home Depot) Brazil
Santa Cecilia Dark Santa Rita Portofino Brazil
Santa Cecilia Light White San Francisco Crema Ivory Samoa Light Brazil
Santa Clara Giallo Santa Clara Brazil
Santa Fe Brown Marron Santa Fe Argentina
Santa Rita Santa Cecilia Dark Portofino Golden King Brazil
Santa Yenez Green Ventura Verde Tango Verde Florence
Sapphire Blue/Brown New/ Indian Sucuru Sapphire Jolie (Home Depot) India
Seaweed Green Pine Green Golden Green India
Shiva Crème Madura Gold Light Fantasy Gold Madras Gold India
Shivakashi Ivory brown Colonial crème Majestic Sand India
Silver Louise Italy
Silver Sea Green Aquazul Turquoise Saudi Arabia
Sky Blue Blue Fantasy Himmel Blue Brazil
Soapstone Savonpierre
Spectrus Poseidon Golden Spartacus
Spledor Colonial Treasure
St Vincent Blue Crema Bahia Brazil
Star Beach Sedona Jonquil
Statuary White Italy
Stormy Night Crema Espresso Juparana Dream Brazil
Sucuri Juperana Beach Chocolate Beach Sea Sand Brown Briolette Brazil
Sumantra Michelangelo New St Laurant Black & Gold Pakistan
Sunset Red Red Dragon Pakistan
Tabaco Red Tabaco Walnut Tabaco Brazil
Tan Brown Cranbury Brown Alliance Brown Tuscan Spice India
Tasmanian Green Agave Green
Taupe Amber Gold Brazil
Terra Brasilis Juperana Brasilis Brazil
Toasted Almond Ghibli Sahara Beige India
Torrone White Persia Brazil
Tropical Amazon Purple Amazon Brazil
Tropical Brown Najaran Brown Tropic Taz (Home Depot) Saudi Arabia
Tropical Lago Verde Lagos Brazil
Tropical Mantiquiera Red Maritaca Brazil
Tropical Violet Gran Violet Tropical Vuvu Brazil
Turquoise Saudi Arabia
Twilight Green Midnight Green Verde Twilight Brazil
Uba Tuba Verde Labrador Labrador Gold Lincoln Verde Bahia Brazil
Venetian Green Verde Butterfly Verde Mariposa Verde Pavao Verde Pino Brazil
Verde Butterfly Venetian Green Verde Mariposa Verde Pavao Verde Pino Brazil
Verde Butterfly Gold  Monarch Gold Brazil
Verde Esmeralda Verde Jewel Imperial Green Gem Verde Reale Hawaiian Green India
Verde Florence Green Ventura Santa Yenez Verde Tango
Verde Fontaine Africa
Verde Giada Italy
Verde Jewel Imperial Green Gem Verde Reale Verde Esmeralda Hawaiian Green India
Verde Kiwi Verde Maritaca Verde San Francisco Verde Candeias Brazil
Verde Labrador Uba Tuba Brazil
Verde Labrodite Aphrodite Ocean Pearl
Verde Lago Tropical Lago Brazil
Verde Lavras Verde Laura Lauras Brazil
Verde Mariachi Green Mariachi Green Palladio Calypso Green Mosaico Nativo Brazil
Verde Maritaca Verde Kiwi Verde San Francisco Verde Tropical Tropical Green Brazil
Verde Pavao Verde Butterfly Verde Mariposa Venetian Green Verde Pino Brazil
Verde Pino Verde Butterfly Verde Mariposa Venetian Green Verde Pavao Brazil
Verde Reale Verde Jewel Imperial Green Gem Verde Esmeralda Hawaiian Green India
Verde San Francisco Verde Maritaca Verde Kiwi Brazil
Verde Tango Green Ventura Santa Yenez Verde Florence
Verde Tunas Brazil
Verde Twilight Midnight Green Twilight Green Brazil
Violetta Najaran red Maron Glaze Saudi Arabia
Volga Blue Rasputin Polar Blue Volhinia Black Polar Russian Ukraine
Vyara Rosewood India
Vyara Gold Light Vyara Juparana India
Waves White Piracema Bianco Kinawa Brazil
White Aran Ecuador White White Diamond Mozambique White Bianco Antico Brazil
White Carrara Calacata Oro Arabescato Arni Carrabianco Italy
White Diamond Ecuador White Mozambique White White Aran/Star Bianco Antico Brazil
White Kashmire India
White Piracema Waves Bianco Kinawa Brazil
White Roman Bianco Romano Lactus Arctic Moon Brazil
White San Francisco Santa Cecilia Light Samoa Light Crema Ivory Brazil
White Sardo Luna Pearl Bianco Sardo Italy
Wild Sea Endless Mountain Zen Magic (Home Depot)
Yellow Fantasy Juparana Colombo gold Indian Gold Golden Dragon India